How to become a Star on LinkedIn.

How to become a Star on LinkedIn.

Linkedin, a social network platform for professionals around the world. It should reflect what you can bring on the table for the organisation. The first impressions of the job- seekers have gone digital. It is known as best for personal branding. It has the power to grab attention from recruiters.   The companies check the social media platforms of job-candidate before calling them for the face-face interview.

According to LinkedIn: Users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is known as the perfect platform for content marketing.  All the sections in the LinkedIn should be completed in the most incredible way. Let’s dive into some more powerful tips to become a dancing star on Linkedin: 

Arresting headline

The headline should capture the imagination of the recruiter. Use a keyword rich title for your Linkedin profile. Use verbs. Remember, it serves the same purpose as the advertisement in the newspaper. It should encourage the HR of other company to know more about you.


How to become a Star on LinkedIn.


Optimize your profile with relevant keywords. It is a king to nurture your career growth and helps in easy “searchability”.  Use a new paragraph every time, when you are writing summary or articles.

Contact information

Your LinkedIn profile should include your E-mail address, Twitter handle, Skype id and company website. It will help recruiters to reach you soon.

Articles & Publications

The best time to post on LinkedIn is on Tuesdays between 10-11 AM. Post articles and blogs. It helps to boost your credibility. They shall be written by you only and reflect your design thinking.

Professional Profile Picture

Use only current profile picture. It increases 11 times chance to be viewed by the right person.  It should be recent, recognizable and stand out to get noticed instantly.

Professional Profile Picture

Profile summary: Create a concise summary of all media links. Get quick endorsements from your connections. Write your professionals skills, which set you apart from the crowd.  Promote and tell about your projects.  Complete your profile. Share your awards and achievement. Map it by putting yourself in the shoes of the stranger.  Most importantly, keep it updating regularly.

Ask for testimonials and recommendations from your ex-colleagues and current colleagues. You can also get in touch with the world’s leading placement agencies, to find a relevant job according to your expectations and education. Don’t miss out the opportunity of hiring the best available talented of the industry. Get in touch with us now! We can help you to flourish at lightning speed.




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