5 Life Lessons from Shahrukh Khan

5 Life Lessons from Shahrukh Khan
5 Life Lessons from Shahrukh Khan

Today is the birthday of the Badshah of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan. King Khan is admired throughout the world. King Khan is a supreme human being and a well-read man. He has also given public lectures in world’s best universities and institutes.

He is a Ted speaker. He is not only regarded as the most influential Bollywood actor, but a great human being of cinema industry also.

I am really fond of Shahrukh Khan’s  Chak de India’s locker room speech, and entrepreneurial thinking  lines like “Koi dhanda chota nahi hota aur dhande se bada koi dharam nahi hota” and “ Gujarat ki hawa mein vyapar hai saheb … meri saans toh rok loge … lekin is hawa ko kaise rokoge” from the movie Raees and much more.

Let’s absorb some of the best learnings from King Khan on his 52nd Birthday:

  1. Family always first: Khan Saab says that reasons, why family comes first, are unlimited. They know us better than anyone else.  Success and prosperity comes only with the support and love of the family. No matter what, the family should always be your priority before work. 

Taking your blessings for granted is the most ungracious stupidity- Shahrukh Khan.

  1. Focus is the new IQ: He believes that application of mind, body and soul in any professional assignment is a must.Always remember, the sky is the limit.

An act of goodness becomes worthless when you assign a brownie point to yourself for it.

      3. Hard work, hard work and hard work: He works religiously. He works around the clock. He believes that a person  should keep working              till his last breath.

Don’t be afraid to walk alone- Shahrukh Khan. 

  1. Respect everyone: Aggressively, respect everyone! Shahrukh Khan teaches to share happiness and love with everyone. He gives a message of spreading kindness and generosity with everyone. 

All the names you give yourself, or those that others call you, are just labels- Shakrukh Khan. 

  1. Dream Big: King Khan believes in dreaming big. Dreaming involves envisioning your better life without any noise. Believe in achieving the unrealistic ones.

Don’t become a philosopher before you become rich – Shahrukh Khan



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