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  8 HR Lessons from the Life of an Artist.


Art is not just three letters; it is a celebrating element of life. I have learnt to see my life extraordinarily from artists. This time I am going to see my recruitment profession from the vision of artists. Life is all about learning from each other.  Here we go with HR lessons from the artists:

  1. Be prepared to edit your work– Artists have one of the best qualities know as being “Self- critical”. They observe, erase, change, repeat, and change the idea and much more.

Lesson: Create your own differentiated brand on social media. Try using different methods for searching the best talent. No only searching methods, but creating a splash of change in your functionality.

 8 HR Lessons from the Life of an Artist.

8 HR Lessons from the Life of an Artist.

  1. How to make something out of nothing!

Artists are mysterious personalities! Whatever they have on their platter, they will manage to make something unique out of it. They will start from anywhere, but don’t have an idea to finish where?

Lesson:  There will come someday in the office when you do not get solutions from any corner. All you have to is to sit down, map and set the fire. Never lose hope of not attaining your monthly recruitment targets. You will find your own way.

 8 HR Lessons from the Life of an Artist.

8 HR Lessons from the Life of an Artist.

  1. Be unlike others: Artists are quick problem-solvers and take decisions on their own. They are extra-ordinary creative.

Lesson:  Learn, Unlearn, Re-learn and Construct in your recruitment profession. Become word of mouth because of your work(hiring process) in your HR industry. Job-posting in the social media groups doesn’t finish your job; you should craft something new and brainstorm. Use Memes with the witty job description paid promotions, craft social media campaigns etc. This step will help you to get faster results, unlike others.

  1. Hard work is the key– Just imagine, how much effort goes into putting their thinking on the board, so that their visual appeals automatically. They work around the clock and pour-out their heart, mind and soul in anything they do.

Lesson: In this professional dot com, don’t finish your day just by job posting on social media, find creative methods to recruit the best candidates. Learn social media recruitment. Get out of your comfort zone. In the end, execution is the success.

  1. Go with the flow– Artists don’t over think. They just dance to the tune of their wet brushes.

Lesson: There will be some situations in your office; which you won’t be able to avoid. Don’t over think; just go with the flow by keeping your ego aside.

  1. Take risks– They believe in taking risks. No matter how big is the idea, they will find their voice and taste success.

Lesson: Find your own style. There is nothing wrong in using trying or experimenting new styles of yours hiring process. Try to become the idea-bank in your HR office.

  1. Learn from the masters– They research, absorb and swallow. Artists follow their masters and go into every detail.

Lesson: For learning from your masters, keep in touch with them. Learn from books; learn from case studies, Recruitment-YouTube videos, panel discussions etc. Observe there hiring process and how everything changes drastically.

  1. Be a good observer– Artists are active in community- development activities. They will attend, learn how to grow their audience and get feedbacks to improve.

Lesson:  Observations and insights will inculcate new sky-thinking ability in you. Use social media platforms and find best candidates by checking their online behaviour.

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