How to wrap-up a productive day(Well, Almost)

How to wrap-up a productive day(Well, Almost)
How to wrap-up a productive day(Well, Almost)

The most important thing is to have a healthy breakfast.  The most important thing while reaching is to have a de-cluttered desk. The most important thing after cleaning your desk is to memorize any important meeting or chore.

Above all, keep your distractions ( Social Media & Mobile) away from you. They will just waste your time. It is more important to finish your presentations and meetings on time. Here we are going to dive into some quirky yet productive steps to paint your day at the office with all colours of satisfaction and efficiency.

  1. Map a to-do list: Write your chores! It will be rock solid process to foster more efficiency in your work. Try to complete your smaller tasks first.
  2. Move Non- urgent: Complete the critical tasks first! If something is not that important, you can shift it. You have to manage your energy parallel with time.
  3. Organize everything: Everything should go with the flow. You should know which task or meeting is going to consume how much time. It will help you to become more efficient and know how to manage your time wisely.
  1. Take small breaks: Try to take 10-15 minutes break in between your work. It will keep you more refreshing. You can also do few minutes of head down on your desk.
  2. Review: At the end of the day, go back to your list. If something is missed, fix it for the next day list. If you have wasted your time on the unnecessary meeting, then don’t repeat in the coming days.

These above-written steps will not only help you to make your life simple, but it will also boost your capability. If you’re looking for more such information, feel free to go through Amit Sharma’s ‘Social Recruiters’ book. Amit Sharma has 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. You can find his book on Amazon or this site –



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