How to recruit candidates via Twitter?

How to recruit candidates via Twitter?
How to recruit candidates via Twitter?

Twitter is one of the evolved social media platform. It is all about the game of playing in 140 chunks. Job recruiter has to spark their efforts in 140 characters, which should reach the target candidate also.

It is an art of garnering attention; recruiter can upload more visual content on their Twitter profile to get into the limelight. The best thing about twitter, it encourages interaction. People talk to people, not company logos. The following twitter hacks will help you to build human connections faster on Twitter.

Let’s break the cobwebs one by one:

1. Check the Bio: It will give you a great snapshot of the skills of the candidate. You should check the kind of language and tweets he or she writes.

52. Research on your candidate audience: Start following the candidates. You can filter keywords on the search option of Twitter to thoroughly    search for the right candidates.


3. Use powerful hashtags: Craft one branded hashtag! You should also retweet all jobs posting at different times of day, to make sure you reach all followers and other audience too. These hashtags de-clutter your process of finding a perfect candidate along with following a trend.

4. Amplify your profile: The profile should be complete, along with your website link, theme, arresting bio and your website. It will give more authenticity and trust to the candidates.

15. Use keywords: Research the kinds of keywords used in your industry. The popular keywords of the recruiting agency are hiring, professionals, job-opening, urgent hiring etc.


6. Check your competitors: Keep a sharp eye on the social media trends and competitors too. Check what kind of ideas and strategies your competitors are using to reach the candidates. You should not copy paste but map a new idea for your social media strategy. Not only this strategy will help you to create a balance competition with your competitors, but it will also help in knowing what candidates you need.  Quality is always over quantity.

7. Corporate marketing: Don’t write anything unusual or unprofessional. Remember, you are on a core professional mode. Try to represent your company like the following screenshot


8. Use the formula of Listen, reply and Retweeting: It is a robust method. You should engage with your followers, which will automatically increase your twitter visibility.

9. Build a huge number of followers: Write eye-popping tweets! The number of twitter followers will depend on the type of content you are writing on Twitter. You have the challenge to master and tell the story in 140 characters, use it. Creating polls, uploading GIF’s, etc. are must-do things for your twitter handle.

10. Get personalised: When any job-seeker asks about the posting, you should reply them in a warm and welcoming way. It will help you to recruit him or her faster.



These above-written tips will not only help you to extract cream talent for your company but also build the online reputation of your recruiting agency. It will inevitably impact like a wildfire.

Happy tweeting!



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