Five books that Amit Sharma recommends to read in celebration of International Literacy Day.

Five books that Amit Sharma recommends to read in celebration of International Literacy Day.
Five books that Amit Sharma recommends to read in celebration of International Literacy Day.

Reading is a beautiful thing. Books help us to overcome the challenges of life. They shaped our minds.  Your brains get wired on the stories you read. In celebration of International Literacy day let’s check out the following reviews to foster more learning power to you.

  1. Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa Yogananda: This book changed my life and made me understand the real meaning of life.  It is a great book in every sense of the word. After reading this book, you will be able to take control of  Different meditation techniques, beliefs and spiritual well-being.  Scientific truth about the human body,  how to become extraordinary, different meditation techniques, beliefs and how to become extraordinary, unlike others. 

         Takeaways:  Gain self-control, Inculcate spirituality in Life, Discover yourself.

  1. Brand Shastra by Mainak Dhar: The book talks from old marketing methods to International marketing. It will give you fresh insights into brand management. How to manage ROI (Return on Investment) in the business.The book also illustrates about types of marketing International Marketing, B to B marketing, B to C marketing, Purpose driven Marketing and Human-Human Marketing as well. 

         Takeaways: Brand Management theories, History of Marketing, How to observe habits of consumers, Learn to brand.

  1. The Toyota Way by Jeffrey K. Liker: This book will make travel from starting from scratch to building an empire. The author has discussed all types of marketing theories and How leaders execute their innovation in the business. You will get glances about functionality and operations held inside the Toyota.  It will make you eat the frog in your professional life.

         Takeaways: learn management tips, Tackle business relationships. Implement theories in real life.

  1.  The Tip of the IceBerg by Suveen Sinha: In the era of entrepreneurship, all the founders are hungry to tell their stories and ideas.  This book proves that Entrepreneurs are the real doers.  It will take you to talking about the Indian start-up journeys like Shopclues, Snapdeal, Red Bus, Snapdeal, Practo etc.  Some found their destination. Some did not. 

         Takeaways:  Learn the difference between success & failure, Be a Good Storyteller, Learn Patience.

  1.  Why deals fail & How to rescue them by Anna Faeltan: It will give you fascinating insights into why some deals work, and some don’t. Give you view about corporate-financing. The author is talking about the importance of strategic planning in the business. See the world through the lens of though leaders.

           Takeaways: Recognize your core competencies, Learn discipline, Tap on the entrepreneur-you.



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