Integration of Current and Conventional Models of Recruitment


Integration is the key to succeeding in tomorrow’s social savvy world. Social media can be an endlessly time-consuming activity, or it could be a blessing and a time saver for busy recruiters if used efficiently and effectively. The difference is in the efficiency of the online-offline integration practices. Recruiters have forever been talking about leveraging social media for hiring purposes using online-offline integration.

Over the last decade, mobile recruitment processes have made the sourcing, screening, hiring and on-boarding of candidates much faster and more efficient. The recruitment opportunities of today are increasingly unique and flexible. To stay competitive in such a market, recruiters must use unique methods to attract offbeat candidates. Hottest trends of social recruitment today are:

Develop Solid Content Marketing Strategies

Rather than just bombarding the audience following one’s social media accounts, recruiters see the best results when they share useful, interesting, thought-provoking and informative content on their social feed.  Sharing content about the culture of the company and experiences of its employees seems to do particularly well in provoking candid engagement.

Create the right partnerships 

As time has gone by, recruiters have realised that if they are to succeed in the online world, more and more professional allegiances to groups and organisations are quite important in today’s world. One of the foremost areas and institutions that come to mind when talking about on-ground recruiting relationships and partnerships would be colleges and high schools. For skills that one is not able to find easily on the market, institutions and colleges can help in finding fresh, fitting talent. A few examples of such fields include social marketing, social analytics, data science, etc. Alternatively, recruitment agencies can partner with higher education institutions and create the specific curriculum that is in demand on the market today.

Use smart sourcing strategies

In today’s world of information overload and desensitisation, it is important to streamline the practices using smart sourcing. With the vast internet hordes present on social media websites today, it is important that the recruiters are looking only at the people that are relevant to them and vice versa. Facebook graph searching, along with Boolean searches that are favoured by other networks such as Google and LinkedIn can give you effective and targeted results.

Using the Right Software for Sourcing, Screening and Profiling Candidates

Using the right software for sourcing, screening and profiling candidates is essential to survival in today’s world of information overload. There is a lot of candidate relationship management software out there that helps recruiters focus and hone in on the top of the candidate engagement pyramid. A recruiter or an employer gets much better leverage because they have better ways of interacting with potential hires and reaching out to the most talented and appropriate individuals that meet the pre-defined criteria for a job.

Use Online and Temporary Staffing Strategies                    

Online staffing is all the rage right now. It is estimated that about 34% of the US workforce is classified as temporary staffing and most of these freelancers can be found online on one of the following websites Fiverr, Upwork, Guru or similar ones like these. These are just a few of the online staffing platforms available out there. The online staffing space is comprised not of people who are looking directly to hire but rather an amalgamation of talent and those looking to hire. In recent years, more regulations and scrutiny have tightened the margins of these online platforms. However, for recruiters in a pinch, they are useful when hiring someone temporarily on short notice. 

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