Social Branding Strategies of a Candidate


Candidate Branding

Over the last decade, Employee Branding has become just as important as Employer Branding. If one can conduct a successful branding campaign, he/she is more likely to find the employers that share their values. Implement the following strategies to positively and successfully brand yourself as a professional:

Package Yourself Well

  • All of the written promotions (resume, cover letter, portfolio, and other application materials) must be accurate, honest, and grammatically correct. Ensure there is a lot of white space to make your letters and resumes easy to read.
  • Maintain positive body language. Most perceptions people draw about others are based on nonverbal communication. So, to project a confident, enthusiastic and positive vibe, you want to ensure that you have good posture (sitting straight, no hunching), proper eye contact and avoid fiddling.
  • If you are active online, share your recent accomplishments, professional thoughts and insights regularly. If you are not active online, figure out where all the professionals in your industry hang out in the internet stratosphere and join those networking sites to start building an online presence.

Highlight Your Selling Points

  • Make it easy for a recruiter or an employer to be interested in you. Use the right keywords when putting your profile online on job website portals, social media or any other medium. Think of yourself as the product. You want to make your buyers interested in you as a potential product to be purchased.
  • Look at what search terms have been put in by potential employers’, recruiters and hiring managers. Review them carefully and look at the skills that you already have and which ones you are interested in pursuing further.
  • Use the right buzz words and jargon on social media whenever possible. This sets you apart as an industry insider and gives you an advantage over your competitors who do not use such industry jargon.

Give Yourself an Edge

  • Set yourself apart from other people by showing the recruiter or hiring manager your unique talents and skills. Rather than telling it in words, demonstrate it live, or by sharing samples of your work and portfolio reviews.
  • Highlight the ways in which you can add value as a unique individual with unique experience and skills. Clearly, spell out why you are more qualified or better suited for the job than other people that are applying for the same position.
  • If you have any unique experiences that give you a different perspective than your competitors and might match better with the company’s goals or values, make sure to share them.

Use Word-Of-Mouth

  • Think about what you do when you buy a product. You ask someone you know whether it’s a good product or not and based on their recommendation, you build a perception of trust in that product.
  • Tell people  in  your  professional  network  about  the  position  or organisation you’re hoping to get into and let them know that if they are connected in any way to that organisation what ways they can help you in.
  • If your contact works within that organisation, you can also try providing them with a copy of your resume and cover letter so that they can also highlight your accomplishments when the call for references comes.
  • If you can, ask people to share their recommendations for you online, for example, LinkedIn in has a set of features were others can verify and recommend your skills in a particular area of the field.

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