Social Recruitment Tools & Techniques.

Social Recruitment Tools & Techniques
Social Recruitment Tools & Techniques

The success of future recruiters will depend not only on their social platform expertise, networking abilities, communication skills but also on their technological understanding and the ability to use social media tools expertly for recruitment.

The Tools and Techniques:

  1. Social Platform focused Tools & Techniques.
  2. Purpose focused Social Tools and Techniques.
  3. Social Platform Focused Tools and Techniques:


  • Facebook is a wonderful place to find hard-to-reach candidates. It is the second most-visited website in the world after Google. Although Facebook is not seen traditionally as a recording platform, it is the best source to target high-quality passive candidates.
  • Try Facebook Advertising. In the past few years, Facebook has become a pay to use model. So regardless of the size, you’ll only reach about 5% of your audience unless you pay to have your targeted advertisements boosted. The good part is that your paid ads can be targeted very specifically.


  • Twitter is a great source for qualified candidates with highly evolved skill sets.
  • Use proper hashtags like #Job, #Jobposting, #Hiring, #Career, #Programmingjob, #Contentwriterswanted. You can use multiple hashtags in your tweet but make sure that you use them judiciously because you only have 140 characters to play with.


  • To attract the best candidates, you need to be able to learn how to showcase the strength of the recruiter and the company by telling the story to grab the candidates’ attention.
  • This creates brand awareness and shareable stories which show the employer and recruiter portrayed in a positive light, not just to the potential candidates but also to their network if they choose to share it with others.


  • Use updating features. Sharing updates will not only let people know about the things that you are interested in over time, but it can also help, set you up as an industry leader in recruitment through innovations.


  • With the help of various features of Google+ like Circles and Gmail integration, Candidate sourcing becomes easier.
  1. Purpose focused Tools & Techniques
  2. Social Media Monitoring Tools.
  3. Tools to enhance productivity.
  4. Managing the Social Media.
  5. Tools for Content Creation


(a) Social Media Monitoring Tools:

Social Mention

Social Mention helps you learn about your brand mentions and interactions in an easy-to-understand visual format.


BrandsEye helps one manage and monitor online reputation by finding all brand mentions, the reputation of their sources, it specifies the sentiment and also it has the feature of flags for actions that may require immediate attention.

(b)   Tools to enhance productivity:

The tool helps to automate the Blog Delivery on various social networking platforms. Simply by a specific source or channel from content comes and specifying the destination where you want the content to be published.


Buffer helps you to schedule your different contents to be posted or published on various social media platforms on the appropriate time.


The tool takes care of Twitter profile‘s automation. The best part about the tool is that the developers keep updating the tool according to the new Twitter policies.

(c)  Managing the Social Media:

Social Flow

Social Flow offers services that can expand engagement and increases network. With the help of this tool, we can get and analysis of social signals to identify how much and where to have paid promotions, paid posts, promoted tweets, sponsored stories, etc…


Sprout Social offers a single stream inbox designed to manage the messages by collaborating and scheduling messages, tools to post seamlessly on various social media platforms.

(c)     Tools for Content Creation:


Storify is a tool that allows the users to create stories or timelines using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc…


With the help of this tool we can make infographics, images, brochures, charts and much more.


If you’re looking for more such information, feel free to go through Amit Sharma’s ‘Social Recruiters’ book. Amit Sharma has 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. You can find his book on Amazon or on this site –



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