Major Social Platforms for Social Recruiters.

Major Social Platforms for Social Recruiters
Major Social Platforms for Social Recruiters

Social platforms alone are responsible for most of the outsourcing talent. With the newer platforms and micro platforms cropping up every day, it can be difficult for a new recruiter who is not familiar with social media to navigate this world to hire star talent. It can be very challenging to know how to begin the search of people on social platform, if you don’t know the rules of the game. Major Social Platforms covered include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, etc…

Facebook: Facebook is the largest of the social networking sites with over 400 million users. It is a social networking website that connects people with friends and others who work, study, and live around them. The model has expanded to include connections to organizations, businesses, and interests not just individual people. Regardless of whether you are an independent consultant, company hiring manager or part of a larger recruitment agency, you want to start by creating a company page and inviting people to organically like it. Once they like it, they will start seeing your updates and posts in their timeline.

Twitter: Twitter was built on the unique concept of micro-blogging that you can only broadcast 140 characters at a time. However, reaching the right audience is a bit trickier on Twitter. One way to target the right Twitter audience is to use hashtags (#). The trend of using hashtags or‖”#” was initially started on Twitter. It’s a simple quick and easy way to classify and label the keywords that you are searching for or posting about so that like-minded people can find you.

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the King of social recruiting. With a unique selling proposition that is geared towards professionals and professional networking, and with a growing strength of nearly 67 million professional users, it is a powerful medium for reaching out to qualified professionals. The ability to make connections, paid searches, share different types of content and create powerful branding channels in groups gives you the opportunity to leverage if you know how to use LinkedIn’s tools properly. You can target the right candidates on LinkedIn via group discussions, sharing interesting content as well as advertising job openings on your company page.

Google+: Google+ (Google plus) is Google‘s social networking website. Its functionalities and features are partially similar to Facebook. Features include- Posts for the status updates of individuals, Circles for groups made for sharing information, Sparks has videos and articles. Features like Hangout and Huddles are also there where video chatting with friends can be done.

Instagram: Instagram has taken social media by storm. You can take pictures, videos or compile short-stories and share them with your followers. Whatever feature you use, Instagram is great for building personal connections with candidates. A recruiter or a hiring manager can share pictures of the workplace, celebrations at the workplace, post job ads as well as educational and training activities to attract quality candidates. Instagram‘s interactivity and visual appeal make it a great marketing and branding tool that adds value to the candidate experience.

Pinterest: Pinterest started out with a rapidly expanding female base in March 2010. Just like on Facebook, Pinterest users spend massive amounts of time on the site because it is an engaging visual medium. So, your recruitment strategy on Pinterest should be designed with the visual aspect in mind. Recruiters can quickly pick-up their Pinterest game using infographics, videos, visual posters and instructional materials to tell an interesting visual story.

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