Introduction to Social Platforms- Tools and Techniques.

Introduction to Social Platforms- Tools and Techniques
Introduction to Social Platforms- Tools and Techniques

Recruiters utilise the Social Networking Platforms for sourcing and reaching suitable candidates for the respective job profiles in the fastest possible way. As social media is gaining importance, there are numerous social platforms utilised in different ways for recruitment. With 95% of recruiters using social media to source and select talent and with an increasing number of skilled candidates spending a good part of their day on Facebook and other social platforms, it is obvious that recruiting online is the way to go. Just creating a social media account and posting messages, waiting for contacts to come is to not enough. Proper talent acquisition on social media means that recruiters need to utilise and structure proper strategies by segmenting key goals and objectives for each social media platform separately. Every platform needs specific and customised approach.

Current trend in the Recruitment World facilitates practices that focus more on concrete tools and tricks to improve recruitment conversions as eventually converting potential candidate into a possible recruit is the final objective. The mind-set is of more quantitative than qualitative. Numbers are more important than the quality or longevity of the collaboration between clients and candidates. Hence, the world of recruitment is changing at a breakneck pace, and the recruiters who will succeed in this brave new era will be the ones who prioritise an all- encompassing outlook for social media recruitment rather than getting caught up in a bunch of apps, books or handy tricks. Every time one talks about Social Media Recruitment Tools, they must be considered in the overall context of the recruitment world.

Recruiting through Social Media in the right manner with the help of understanding the social platforms and utilizing them with appropriate tools and techniques is extremely important. To be able to practically work as a social recruiter, one must understand what are social platforms and tool and technologies in brief. Then one must see in detail about various social platforms and their importance and utilization for recruitment. And then one must learn in detail about various tools and techniques for recruiting through social media.

Understanding Social Platforms and Tools and Techniques:

Social Platform: Social platforms are social networking websites, through which people stay connected and increase their social and professional network. With different features, purposes and functionalities there are many different types of Social Media Platforms. For example, Facebook is a networking platform for staying connected primarily with friends and relatives and LinkedIn is a networking platform for staying connected with professional networks. Accordingly these websites have different features and functionalities. Every individual platform has its rules, recruitment strategies and best practice guidelines. So, a strategy that works beautifully on LinkedIn or Twitter may not give much engagement when applied on Pinterest or Instagram. However, if one can learn to leverage these social media platforms individually to convert talent and reach them with surgical precision, one will gain an unprecedented advantage over his/her competitors.

Tools & Techniques: Each platform should be strategically utilized through various tools and techniques to get the best result. Hence, based on each of the major platforms we have, there are various tools and techniques that one can use to reach out to quality candidates, so that they may be more receptive in responding and one can start establishing rapport with them with the very first conversation. Also, one should bear in mind that tools are not just limited to technology and gadgets alone. Any system of thought or any useful product, service or technology that can leverage a recruiter in their quest for superior talent is considered as a tool for the recruitment to trade.

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