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Impact of Good Social Skills in Social Recruiting.

Impact of Good Social Skills in Social Recruiting
Impact of Good Social Skills in Social Recruiting

People who have a well-rounded set of social skills will be able to make better social choices and interactions to strengthen their personal and professional relationships. They are also able to deal with stressful professional situations in a resilient and professional manner. A recruiter with good social skills will also be able to rope in a lot more and better talent for their clients. In a field where a lot of people are looking for jobs but well-qualified talent is difficult to come by, having good social skills means the difference between stellar successes or floundering as a recruiter.

Individuals showing Positive Interaction on Social Media:

  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set up a formidable social media presence during his reign in office. He has roughly 20 million followers on Twitter and 44 million likes on Facebook. Modi and his team reach out from social media portals to convey a personal touch to his public image. In the past, he has put up pictures of the dignitaries he meets, of him and his mother on her birthday, of him going about his day doing things that propel his campaigns, etc… Such personal photos and social media outreach work to build trust in the masses and turn them from an apathetic audience into ardent fans.
  • Another public personality getting social media right is Leonardo DiCaprio. He has over 10 Million Twitter followers and 11.6 million Facebook followers. Leo is one of the few stars that have used his wide network of influencers on social media to propagate environmental and political issues. As a philanthropist, Leo does a lot of charity work and social media is a great medium to promote the good causes he supports such as ending the poaching of endangered animals and protecting marine life.

Organizations getting it Right on Social Media:

  • RedBull has taken the concept of branded content and turned it on its head. While most people are using a loud and obnoxious hard-sell approach, RedBull has its own internal media arm that is focusing on creating connections, value exchanges and compelling content. This approach has created content that Red Bull‘s audience feels compelled to share. Case in point: Red Bull‘s Stratos campaign. They sent a man to the edge of space and he became the first human to break the sound barrier without engine power.
  • Coca-Cola’s brand campaigns are brilliant. Their website, which is dubbed- The Coca-Cola Journey inspires storytelling in a way that was never possible before the dawn of social media. Their content 2020 strategy aims to connect real people with the Coca Cola brand with a bigger budget being allocated to content marketing rather than traditional media such as TV and Radio advertisements. The beauty of this strategy is that Coca-Cola is getting a ton of shareable, original user-generated content covering a huge spectrum of topics from people that consume Coca-Cola products. As a result, they have 350k Twitter followers, 3.7 million YouTube views and 800K LinkedIn connections.
  • Evian is a company selling water bottles and has developed a noteworthy YouTube page. Their ‘Live Young Campaign’ has taken off like wild fire and pervaded all their brand efforts. The idea is that everyone consuming Evian products is fuelling an Evian baby inside. Evian has taken this smart strategy one step further by implementing user generated videos on their YouTube channel with the goal of stringing all these mini-video clips together and creating the world‘s longest user generated video. This shareable piece of content would diminish the need for creating costly corporate videos and distributing them over a large audience base.

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