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Impact of Poor Social Conditioning in Social Recruiting.

Impact of Poor Social Conditioning in Social Recruiting
Impact of Poor Social Conditioning in Social Recruiting

A significant factor in shaping someone‘s social behaviour is that person‘s Social Conditioning. The kinds of experiences and life-learning people go through – will shape their social conditioning and subsequently, social conditioning will shape their social behaviours. If people have had limited exposure to a variety of social situations, or had traumatic social experiences in life that have injured their mental and emotional health; their social conditioning will be stunted and their social behaviour more likely to be inappropriate, aggressive, meek, apathetic or otherwise dysfunctional. Impacts of Poor Social Conditioning on Social Media are –

Individuals with poor social skills have been known to experience difficulties in interpersonal relationships and in establishing professional connections. Poor social skills in a recruiter would be tantamount to professional suicide because such limitations will lead to the recruiter performing poorly when dealing with clients as well as job candidates. Often, such recruiters with poor social skills face more frequent regulatory as well as disciplinary measures – not as a result of their incompetence – but more as a factor of their poor social judgement, lack of positivity or positive social relationships. Such poor social functioning permeates into other areas of their life as well – affecting their personal, mental, spiritual lives. On social media, these issues can be intensified in the case of an adverse event – if a recruiter posts inappropriate stuff or gets into a conflict with someone online – the problem can turn into a massive issue that has the potential to ruin their career.

Today, a lot of celebrities know the power and the far-reaching abilities of social media. As a result, majority of them manage social media accounts and put out bits and pieces of information about their lives on their social accounts in order to get more followers and stay on top of ―trending news. However, if done incorrectly, social reach can spiral out of control and have corrosive, long-term effects on a person‘s career.

Individuals who committed Huge Blunders on Social Media:

  • In 2011 when Egypt was experiencing a violent uprising and civil strife, designer Kenneth Cole made the tasteless decision to sell his products using the tragic situation in Egypt as a marketing vehicle for his new spring fashion collection. His campaign mentioned that millions of people in Cairo have heard of his spring collection even using #Cairo to pander to a wider audience. Eventually, after facing a lot of internet-wide backlash, Cole apologized and removed the tweet.
  • Britney Spears shaved her head off in 2007 after having a very public mental breakdown. Showed on YouTube in viral media frenzy, the news of the Britney‘s breakdown made headlines. The entire episode left the singer ostracized for years to come and had far reaching consequences on Britney‘s life and career.
  • Salman Khan became notorious for poaching an endangered species of deer. The entire ordeal ended in Rajasthan High Court acquitting Khan. As soon as the news of his acquittal broke earlier this summer, social media followers were abuzz with outrage calling the decision a mockery of the Indian Judicial system.

Organizational Blunders on Social Media:

Although most organizations have internal public relations departments, they are not immune to creating blunders on social media. The following organizations have put their foot in the mouth so-to-speak over social media:

  • In 2001, McDonald‘s tried to rebrand themselves as a company, along with a new, revamped avatar or their old mascot, the clown Ronald McDonald. The entire campaign backfired with everyone on twitter bashing the clowns’ makeover.
  • Last year, a BBC reporter mistakenly tweeted that “Queen Elizabeth has died.” When in reality, she was just in the hospital for a routine check-up. Although BBC later tried to cover it up saying that it was only a prank‘, the reporter in question is facing disciplinary action.

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