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Acquired Skills and Qualities of a Social Recruiter.

Acquired Skills and Qualities of a Social Recruiter
Acquired Skills and Qualities of a Social Recruiter

While some qualities can be inborn, a majority of social skills and recruitment competencies can easily be taught overtime to improve recruitment practice. The power of a skilled recruiter who goes the extra mile for his clients and candidates is immense. Some skills that take a recruiter‘s work to the next level are:

1: Interpersonal Skills– Interpersonal skills include the skills that a person uses in order to interact with other people in a positive and sustainable way to build relationships. These are not limited only to the ability to get along with others, But comprise a massive umbrella of skills that make up the repertoire of a new age recruiter.

2: Ability to Listen– As a recruiter it is important to be a great listener not just to please your client or candidate but in order to gather valuable information about their needs. Any good recruiter has to have a keen ear for hiring related information.

3: Relationship Building– Being a recruiter is essentially dealing in the business of people. A good recruiter doesn’t just pull a resume out of the database. They cultivate and nurture relationships both with employers and jobseekers. The mark of a recruiter-par-excellence is that they have a loyal following of both client companies as well as candidates in the job force.

4: Teamwork– It will be essential as a recruiter to conduct oneself as a team player. As the centre spoke in the wheel of hiring, the recruiter will have to ensure collaborative efforts with clear crisp communication and keep misunderstanding at a minimum.

5: Communication– Whether it is face-to-face, electronic or telephonic, a recruiter must always perform as a superior communicator. Knowing when to be direct or tactful, how to read body language, how to reply appropriately to emails or voice mails and when to share or hide confidential details is absolutely essential.

6: Sales and Marketing Skills– Recruiters must be strong sellers in order to match the right candidates to the right positions. Recruitment, obviously, goes well beyond marketing and selling to analytics, collaboration, networking, intuitive and critical thinking, and in today’s world social media navigation.

7: Branding Skills– Where there is marketing and selling, Branding must be considered as it has become an integral part of providing client-candidate representation in today’s social-oriented recruitment world. In order to attract great talent, the company and the recruiter must represent themselves in a favourable light.

8: Social Media Skills– In order to spread the word about vacancies and enticing projects, the recruiter must know the most effective channels through which to communicate this information and disburse it to appropriate candidates.

9: Organizational Skills– If social skills are the vehicle for recruitment, marketing and sales skills is the fuel, then organizational skills are the backbone of recruitment. In order to make impactful efforts in their day functioning, recruiters must also look at the following aspects of their transferrable skills:

  • Target-driven: To survive in a very competitive recruitment industry, a recruiter needs to be highly driven to achieve their goals and targets.
  • Multitasking: A recruiter should have the ability to do multitasking to survive as speed is the essence of the game of social recruitment.
  • Time Management Skills: Along the same lines as multitasking, prioritization and time management skills will help increase the recruiter productivity. Having excellent time management skills means, a recruiter is able to spring up to his feet at the drop of a hat.
  • Problem solving skills: Recruiters often find themselves in unexpected situations while negotiating with organizations or candidates. Navigating such tricky situations requires a certain degree of problem-solving expertise.
  • Reliability: When a hiring project is offered to a recruiter, the organization needs to know that the recruiter is reliable, punctual, has solid follow-up and is able to deliver promised services within the given timeframe.

The recruiter not only has to offer timely, long term and cost effective recruitment solutions but he/she also has to build a strong brand to represent to a pool of candidates or high-profile clients.

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