Social Recruiters by Amit Sharma


Recruitment in the current business environment has become an extremely fast paced, exciting and quick procedure. To become a successful recruiter in today’s world, one has to know anything and everything related to recruitment that there is to know and also has to remain updated with the goings on of the Recruitment Industry.

The book – Social Recruiter by Amit Sharma will not only help you in understanding what recruitment through social media entails, but also give in-depth knowledge and learning regarding the social behaviour of a recruiter that helps the individual in becoming a successful recruiter. Before going into details of the book, it is important to know about the author. Amit Sharma is an individual who has more than 20 years of experience in the Recruitment Industry. He, taking into consideration this experience, has written ‘Social Recruitment’ to share how social recruitment is not only about using social media and technology but is also about using social skills to keep long lasting relations and build strong networks. The book has been crafted in a very simplified and reader friendly manner. He has covered all the concepts, right from the history of recruitment till the current day scenario, about traits of a social recruiter, about social media platforms, tools and technologies and strategies that will help in integrating social media in recruitment strategies. The book also talks about the social skills that will help one to improve professional relations and their proficiency as a recruiter.

This book is a horde of information just waiting to be read. The information provided in it is enough to clear all your doubts and answer a few more questions you might have, too. Be it increasing your knowledge about Social Recruitment and the different aspects surrounding it or something else, this book is capable of it all. The history and evolution of recruitment is very nicely described. It also clearly explains how Social Recruitment and Social Media Recruitment differ from each other what must be done while recruiting the candidates. It’s pretty impressive how the personal traits and qualities of a social recruiter have been mentioned and talked about.

This book does a wonderful job in teaching us why keeping long lasting relations and building strong networks with other people are important for recruiters. It is a must have in any recruiters’ collection as it throws light on the tools, technologies and strategies that help in integrating social media in recruitment strategies. It has also introduced the concept of Social Networking which is on its way to become a new perspective to recruitment. The book talks about Social Branding Strategies for the Employer, the Candidate and for the Social Recruiter in an informative manner – something which is very important for a recruiter to know. The fact that the book also contains success stories provides a great deal of motivation to new recruiters. Other than covering Social Recruitment, Recruiters and everything, I find it commendable that the emerging landscape of social recruitment and how a futuristic workplace will be have also been covered. This book is a boon for people that are non-recruiters but still want to know about recruiting. The end, where new trends of future recruitment are talked about, shows what to anticipate from the future.

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