Inborn Traits and Qualities of a Social Recruiter.

Inborn Traits and Qualities of a Social Recruiter
Inborn Traits and Qualities of a Social Recruiter

During their professional practice, social recruiters must wear many hats. Veteran recruiters will perform in many roles – as sales representatives, advisers, mediators, investigators, fact checkers, PR representatives, counsellors, even as connectors of people.

A recruiter needs to cultivate personal traits that help him or her not only build rapport with clients and candidates, but also sharp investigative and persuasive traits, along with ethical thinking in order to perform optimally in any hiring situation. It takes time to build relationships of trust, especially in the recruitment world. These personal traits are essential for a recruiter to have in order to build positive relationships of trust. Some of the positive personal traits of recruiters are-

1: Approachability- If the recruiter wants to build a long-lasting relationship in a particular industry, they must be affable, approachable and easy to talk to. The recruiter should always go the extra mile to make a candidate feel comfortable that their best interests will be represented.

2: Stellar Social Skills- We have already discussed at length the kind off explosive social skills required for a recruiter to build key relationships and leverage their networks to make clients and candidates happy. Whichever way you cut the cookie, social skills are the foundation stone off good recruiting practice.

3: Ability to persuade- Recruiters are essentially helping candidates move up in their career path to success. The candidate may not realize an opportunity for what it is when s/he was initially presented with a position or an opening and may even turn it down. By providing the candidate with the right information about the hiring situation, recruiters can persuade them to pick up an opportunity they may not have considered otherwise – but is exceptionally good for their career.

4: Good judgment- The recruiter must watch out for the employee by investigating the company beyond its salary and benefits package to look at the culture of the organization and determine if the candidate will be happy working there in the future and should do the same for the company.

5: Ability to sort priorities- A recruiter manages several companies‘ hiring needs and has a large candidate pool to draw from. In order to maintain the relationship of trust the recruiter will have to have a keen eye for sorting different priorities. These prioritization skills are part and parcel of the graceful juggling game that a recruiter must engage in.

5: Solid follow-up- There are many recruiters who complain that the clients are too picky and difficult to work with or the candidates are not serious enough about offered opportunities. A closer look will reveal that these recruiters merely have poor follow-up skills. A simple thing like a thank you note or a follow-up call to an organization will make you stand out among the sea of recruiters vying to represent that company in the larger industry job market.

6: Honesty and Ethical behaviour- A recruiter will be engaging in a relationship of trust with the many of the same players over the years. One falsehood or unethical instance of conduct will easily wipe out the years of positive rapport and trust that they have built with any organization, employer or a candidate. A recruiter faces a lot of competition in today’s world. In order to stand out from the crowd and to set themselves apart, it is important to cultivate and nurture the above personality traits. 

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