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Social Recruiters – New Age Thinking

Social Recruiters – New Age Thinking
Social Recruiters – New Age Thinking

Recruiters invest a huge part of their life into their recruitment consulting jobs or businesses. Today, more than ever it is important to put all of their energies as a recruiter in finding the right people for the right role in an organization. Failing to do so will create the biggest bottle neck in the growth of any organization and the achievement of recruiters‘, clients’ and job seekers’ dreams. At the macro level there are a lot of aspects of recruitment that would need to be considered and internalized by a social media recruiter.

The following aspects would be needed to be mobilized in order to tackle the new age recruitment challenges:

Out-of-the-box thinking by social recruiters– How does a social recruiter need to think? Let us look at how recruitment was approached in earlier times. The conventional method of approaching, hiring and recruitment involved putting out information on job boards or flyers or during in-person recruitment drives with minimum outbound advertising. Later on rose the contemporary method of hiring in recruitment industry. This method involved a limited amount of social media and outbound advertisement and word-of-mouth delivery. The  new  age  social  recruiter  of  tomorrow  will  not  only  be  able  to efficiently work with social media and online technologies, they will be expert at integrating the offline and online recruitment worlds using social media tools and resources at their disposal by employing the higher- thinking skills we discussed above.

Social Strategies for Hiring Star Talent through

Social Platforms– It is one thing to have access to global labour forces and audiences. However, it is a whole different game to be able to skilfully attract the kind of people that you need with the use of the online social medium. As a lot of advertisers and media companies have quickly learned in the last decade, passive form of communications is on its way out. The sheer mass of people using Internet in the world today means that a recruiter would have to use very active, out-of-the-box strategies in order to be able to conquer the social recruitment world of tomorrow.

Social Recruiters should use the Social Recruitment Tools effectively– As newer technologies and capabilities emerge in the growing field of social recruitment, it is crucial for a recruiter to stay abreast of all the technological changes. At the end of the day, tools are only tools – they cannot alone ensure HR recruitment success. However, the ability to harness cutting edge technology and use it artfully to recruit new talent can give a recruiter serious edge over his/her competition.

Social Recruiter should leverage different Social platforms– In the last 10 years there has been a massive explosion in the way people live and breathe social media. Today, savvy users are constantly connected to the web whether they are at home having dinner or outside at an event shooting a Facebook live video on their phones or in the professional setting communicating in real time on LinkedIn with a skilled professional.

Social Recruiters have to manage complexities smoothly and keep upgrading technology and social skills and not limit themselves only to social media which is just one part of the whole game.

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