Social Media Recruitment – an Innovation

Social Media Recruitment – an Innovation
Social Media Recruitment – an Innovation

Social Media Recruiting (social hiring or social recruitment) is recruiting candidates by using social platforms as talent databases or for advertising. Social recruiting uses social media profiles, blogs, and other Internet sites to find information on candidates. Any interactive web application that includes the use of user generated content such as comments blogs videos or any other online interaction in social communities is a part of the new social media revolution. It can be done using mobile technology such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets.

Social Media has become a game changer for Recruitment. Websites and applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and the likes have cropped up in the past few years and changed the world of online recruitment. Any smart, forward – looking savvy working professional of today has his or her profile on one or more of these recruitment or networking based platforms. This means that across 24/7 for 365 days, recruiters will have access to these skilled professionals’ data. This sort of global, pervasive access to such a skilled talent pool was not available to recruiters before the dawn of social media. A decade ago, a person who was otherwise a perfect fit for a particular job opening, may still have slipped under a head-hunter‘s radar because of inaccessibility or remote geographic location. This is not the case today as we live in a very exciting time for internal HR recruiters as well for external recruiters.

A Brave New Social Media Recruiting World – At this intersection of social media and recruitment, head-hunters are accessing different social media profiles and online communities to find the right candidates. Social media recruitment directly addresses the challenge of accessing people that may not be actively seeking a job, that is- Social media helps recruiters’ access passive job seekers with a good skill set. One aspect of social media allows recruiters to access skilled professional‘s profiles on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook and other social platforms. This is exactly where the recruiter is actively looking for potentially viable candidates who have posted their information on social networks. The other side to the social media recruitment coin is letting people know your recruitment processes and also spreading the word for jobs and leveraging other people’s social networks to build a social brand so that the other people can connect with you for jobs. This can be done by advertising jobs either as a crowdsourcing exercise in an online community or by presenting their profiles online as a recruitment brand or even by asking people to share a job opening on their own personal network. This provides direct access into the eyes and minds of passive job seekers who may be content in another job – but if you present them with the right opportunity they just might accept it.

The rapid evolution of social media in the last decade means that recruiters have widely and quickly adopted social technology for their recruitment purposes. Networking and making connections has become faster and much more efficient than it used to be.

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