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Top 5 Social Recruitment Success Stories – about successful Entrepreneurs.

Top 5 Social Recruitment Success Stories - about successful Entrepreneurs
Top 5 Social Recruitment Success Stories - about successful Entrepreneurs

In the times when Internet is an integral part of the necessity hierarchy, social media has proven to be a very powerful tool. The formal organisations who would consider social media as an informal way of communication have also largely accepted its power. In the current situation, it would be safe to say that amongst other methods, social media recruitment is the most effective way to hire a candidate. Millennials are quite active on social media and hence the best way to draw their attention is by way of social media. Companies are now hiring people who are specialised in the field of social media, just to keep their social media pages live and updated.

We already know the importance of social media in the recruitment sector but there are a few entrepreneurs who have taken this a step further and penned down their own unique success stories with a helping hand from social recruitment. Let us now learn about these entrepreneurs in brief:

1. Mayank Sharma, did not plan to start Engineer Babu, but when a fake institution shut down leaving 23 students in the state of turmoil, he decided to help them. The students belonged to a poor background and hence he offered them free training and also started a Facebook group in order to find them jobs. In a matter of three to four months, he successfully managed to secure a job for few of his students. Today, the same Facebook page is a strong community of more than 150,000 members and continues to help secure jobs for Engineers.

2. Another young entrepreneur that has extensively used social media medium such as LinkedIn and an active blog for his company to garner a lot of attention, is OYO Rooms founder, Ritesh Agarwal. Like the acronym of his venture, On-Your-Own (OYO), he built everything on his own from scratch. Oyo Rooms is quite active on LinkedIn and regularly posts new openings. They also write about a series ‘Open Mic’ on their blog where the current employees talk about how it is to work with the company. Getting an insight into the work environment and culture of the company, has a lot of impact on the prospective employees.

3. Another entrepreneur that has worked his way up through the help of social media is PayTM founder, Vijay Shekhar Sharma. They use one of the most effective ways of recruitment that is employee referrals. The current employees can give the best testimony about how it is to work with the company and also they can suggest the best candidate with respect to need of the organisation. The current employees are asked to get referrals through their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and other such media. The current employees are rewarded as and when their referrals are selected and hence their own employees, becomes their recruiters. Paytm also hires agencies that have good reach and vast social media presence, and are able to fetch a good amount of candidates for the company. These agencies could use key word based search results to guide the prospective candidate towards Paytm openings and they can research the position available online, or on Paytm’s own career page on their website.

4. Mahesh Murthy, founder and CEO of Pinstorm which is a search engine marketing firm, believes that social media is most effective to attract not only active job seekers but also passive candidates who might be looking for a change. To take his point further, employees at Pinstorm are encouraged to blog and share viewpoints about their company. Interestingly, social activity and vigilance are one of the parameters on the basis of which an employee’s performance is judged.

5. Last but not the least let us discuss Ahmedabad-based entrepreneur, Amit Sharma. Amit Sharma has been closely working with the recruitment industry for more than 20 years now. Before the social media recruitment took off as a trend, with his vision and farsightedness, Amit Sharma launched ‘Big Ideas Social Media Recruitment Pvt Ltd’. The said company aims at offering complete recruitment solution through social media and social recruitment techniques. They aim to create social recruiters networking platform and social recruitment resource and research centre.

Social media recruitment is the next big thing in the world of recruitment and is here to stay. Social Recruiters will have to be active, innovative and vigilant in order to secure the best candidate from the active and passive pool of talent. You can read all about social recruiting from an industry veteran so hurry up and order your copy now.



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