Social Recruiters.

Social Recruiters
Social Recruiters

To understand more about Social Recruitment, it is logical to know who is a recruiter, what does he do, how does he operate, what process he follows. Social Recruiter is one who uses his or her social skills through social media platforms, social networking to facilitate hiring suitable candidates for the desired job profile.

The world of recruiters  is changing  at a  breakneck pace  and the recruiters who will succeed in this brave new world will be the ones who prioritize an all-encompassing outlook for social media recruitment rather than getting caught up in a bunch of apps, books or handy tricks. Social media recruitment tools should be taken in the overall context of the recruitment world. Looking at the bigger picture plays out in real world recruiting to provide us with fresh, competitive new ideas. Not having a skilled trainer or HR recruiter to prime a key individual for their position as a leader/recruiter of this local social cause/process will result in a lot of money leaking into the system – but there will be no significant results to show for it. Perhaps this money is used inefficiently to hire incompetent or irrelevant social services for that particular cause.

If there is an outside entity with extensive recruitment and HR management experience who trained the key individuals involved in a social cause or enterprise,  then  the key individual  stands a chance to become an ambassador, leader and even a recruiter in that community. They would then be able to refer suitable people to different institutions. Using the principles of recruitment in a social cause for social upliftment is a highly innovative idea that has not been discussed or used anywhere else in India today. Such ideas are at the cutting-edge intersection of the healthcare and recruitment worlds. The possibilities for collaboration are endless here and most importantly – implementing these methods is both cost-effective and logistically efficient. Since private agencies would be able to pay such individuals much better than an NGO or a government run organization will, it makes sense that the training and selection process is taught to the key individual who is the appointed leader. This person would then be the ambassador and the implementer of the NGO or social cause‘s mission and because of the training provided, they would be able to share the entire concept and goals to the rest of the community as a trusted leader as people are more likely to follow a leader they know and love.

Such tactics ensure efficiency as everyone is doing what they are good at – NGOs will be able to focus on rolling out their campaigns without worrying about recruitment. Recruitment agencies who are experts in recruitment will get a new avenue for work. The individuals involved in training and leadership from the local community will create jobs and help uplift the community where the initiative takes place. This level of higher thinking is absolutely essential for those in the recruitment field to help them come up with innovative ways of bringing the working world together.


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