What is Social Recruitment?

What is Social Recruitment?
What is Social Recruitment?

Social Recruitment here does not mean recruitment done through different social media sites or with the help of any other medium that is online. It means recruitment done through the traditional ways. Moreover, social here means being social, conversing with others on a physical medium and not being ‘online’ on a social medium.

Social Recruitment, in this case, refers to promoting your company through traditional methods of going from one place to the other talking about your company and offering jobs, it means announcing any vacancies that your company has by Newspaper advertisements or other similar means. Social Recruiting can also be done by asking for referrals from friends or telling them to suggest a few names of people that might be willing to work for the job in question. Word of mouth publicity is also a major aspect of Social Recruitment. Nothing is better than current employees of a company going out, praising their current company and the people working there in front of people they know, and encouraging them to join the company as employees. Announcing job vacancy and encouraging people to send in their resume, calling them for interviews and selecting the most appropriate candidates is also considered a part of Social Recruitment.

Current scenarios kept aside, it is quite important to focus on how things will turn out in the future. Anticipating future condition of anything is a wise move. Future recruitment can be shaped through trends like –

  • Developing good Social and Professional Networks – Recruiters will rely on the quality of their own social and professional networks in order to engage with and source the best talent for their companies. They will also use their social and professional networks to connect with professionals online.
  • Employer Branding – The recruitment procedure would be entirely candidate – driven and thus, understanding how the proposition offered by your company is different or how it sets you aside from competition will be quite important and essential. It will be considered wise to emphasise why it is a good idea to work for your company in comparison to working for the other companies.
  • Data – It refers to whether you will be capitalising on your internal data to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your company or not. It also answers the question of ‘is any data even being collected initially’? Leveraging data from current employees and newly hired employees is important for informing the decisions regarding your company.
  • Hiring Internally – It focuses on how internal job applications are viewed by your company – as a formality, or as a blessing? Making internal hires IS a blessing for businesses as it means that the company is preventing top talents from joining their competitors and thus creating a structured and a supportive environment that encourages internal mobility and also additionally saves up the money of the company.
  • Mobile Recruiting – For many businesses, the concept of Mobile Recruiting is relatively new and quite daunting. To assist the application process of candidates, it is necessary to make those applications mobile – friendly.

There are quite a few Social Recruiting Tips that have been proven to bring in the best talent. These can also be used while recruiting.

If you’re looking for more such information, feel free to go through Amit Sharma’s ‘Social Recruiters’ book. Amit Sharma has 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. You can find his book on Amazon or on this site – www.amitsharma.net.



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