Future of Recruitment.

Future of Recruitment.

Since the early 2000s, clusters of specialised networks and online recruitment firms started cropping up and evolved into the recruitment landscape we see today. With the rise of social networks like LinkedIn, the digital era has made job hunting easy and convenient today. Recruiters soon realised that making a living in the recruitment field meant bringing together people who had common interests. Between the years 2005 – 2014, the game of recruitment changed with professional networking platforms expanding their reach like never before. Recruitment went from the conventional model that relied on word of mouth and local hires to the contemporary method of hiring which involves social media and outbound advertisements.

Recruiters are slowly starting to realise that in order to succeed in the digital competitive market; they will need the same age-old networking and relationship building techniques that were used in conventional recruitment and use them in tandem with contemporary practices. The recruiters of today have become complacent in the ease with which they can tap into social networks to hunt for a strong candidate with the requisite set of skills. Going forward however, the future of recruitment is not so certain. Businesses are starting to realise how easy it is to hunt for someone on LinkedIn and save themselves the cost of hiring any consultant. The only way recruiters can stay relevant is by supplying the best candidates to clients and bringing along recruitment expertise that only they possess as experts. Ironically, the only way recruiters can achieve this exclusivity is by going back to the basics that spawned the profession in the first place – the natural ability to connect with human beings.

The old recruitment practices are quickly becoming redundant now. The workforce is changing in its lifestyle and their expectations of an ideal workplace are changing as well. Recruiters must leverage this changing landscape. For the recruiters of tomorrow, understanding the emerging landscape of future recruitment won‘t just be a choice; it will be a requirement for survival. If she/he is to survive tomorrow’s volatile recruitment market, the recruiter will have to have an intimate understanding of the workplaces of the future, the employer outlook of the future, the workers of the future as well as a keen insight into the recruiters of the future as well. The Integrative model of future recruitment would use all available channels, digital and personal, and conventional including the HR departments, social networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook, in-person events, and most importantly, personal recruiter intuition and wisdom to forge strong bonds with the people they meet in order to expand their recruiting reach. The change in social media will come in the form of an all-encompassing revolution in the way the recruiters think, live, and breathe their human resource strategies. With the understanding of the future candidates, social recruiters will have to be ready for people who would be very high on technology.

Recruitment pundits doubt the future impact of technology on the Recruitment Companies and also on the recruiters. But most of the times, the Recruitment Companies and Recruiters have been very smart in anticipating the future and adopting to changes faster than anyone can imagine.

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