How to Use Social Media for Building Recruitment Strategy?


Social media is one of the strongest platforms to get a job as well as to hire the employees. It is good platform for both the companies and the applicants. In order to get a job or even to apply for the job, the applicants reach out to the media platforms. These platforms would include all the social media sites.

Hiring unique talent starts with sourcing candidates, and the growth of social media sites is now providing unlimited access to the largest number of individuals who have posted their career experience and other relevant information that recruiters need to pre-qualify potential candidates.

Social media has significantly changed the face of hiring. There are so many outlets that companies now have to monitor, track and strategically use to attract and engage candidates.

On the other hand, candidates are having a problem getting noticed by employers, especially those with less working experience that can be “advertised” online; the growing number of virtual marketplaces where recruiters can find candidates makes also very hard for inexperienced workers to break through the noise and showcase value beyond their resume.

Here are the six strategic tips to be effective at recruiting in the social media:-

  1. Know Where to Start:-
  • The very first step when it comes to social recruiting is to figure out where people are sharing their information, especially those professionals in your industry.
  • Do some research and focus both on the larger sites like Linkedin and industry-specific social networks and bl
  1. Leverage Your Social Profiles to Post Job Openings:-
  • Posting job openings on social media is easy and free. Information spreads across your network and even if no one is interested or a good fit for that role, they might know a strong candidate.
  1. Engage Current Employees:-
  • When building your online network, don’t forget your biggest resource is your current workplace.
  • Everyone at an organization can support recruiting efforts.
  • Internal recommendations and referrals are a great way to find reliable resource to find candidates.
  • Having employees to help announce job openings in their LinkedIn and Facebook status updates and expands your reach to people who aren’t directly connected to your company.
  1. Use LinkedIn Strategically:-
  • LinkedIn is a professional business networking site and offers the easiest access to resume-style information.
  • Make sure your company and personal pages are current, and build your network by connecting with current and former co-workers.
  • LinkedIn is more than an information site though as it enables you to build relationships with potential employees before you need to hire them.
  1. Quality and Quantity:-
  • The larger your network, the more people you can reach to expand your candidate talent.
  • At the same time, it is important to grow your network but always keep your final goals in mind.
  • You are trying to build a network of professionals that can be either be qualified and interested in working for you today or in the future.
  • Grow your network, but do it organically, otherwise you could be mistaken for a spammer and affect your personal and employer’s branding reputation.
  1. Social Media is a Two-Way Street:-
  • If you are looking for exceptional candidates and those professional are looking for their dream job and a great company.
  • Provide job seekers with an accurate view of your company: its core values and why people love working there.
  • Corporate culture is something that the new generation of workers value above all, so is sure to clearly communicate it with extreme honesty.
  • Social media recruiting doesn’t follow the rules of traditional recruiting.
  • In this new environment, the best approach is to constantly work on building relationships that you can rely on when it’s time to hire, accessing a pipeline of candidates that already showed interest in working for you, or access trusted influencers that can help you connect to the right people.

Steps to build a Social Media Recruitment Strategy:-

  • Building your team
  • Building your content.
  • Finding Your Audience.
  • Targeting Your Audience.
  • Proving your like and tweets.

Ways to expand your social media recruitment strategy:-

  • Candidate Sourcing.
  • Competitor Monitoring.
  • Resources for Candidates.
  • Live Recruitment Events.

Benefits of Social Media Recruiting:-

  • Higher accuracy than before.
  • One can find the candidates geographically.
  • Adds to efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The vacancies get filled immediately.
  • Immediate response is received.
  • It has low cost.
  • You attract fresh talent.
  • Increases the brand visibility online.

Here are the key mistakes that you should avoid in social media recruiting:-

  • Not creating a clear social media recruitment strategy.
  • Not defining your targeted audience before posting.
  • Not taking the time to build a relationship.
  • Failing to create an attractive social presence for your company.
  • Not posting relevant content.
  • Not utilizing social media to reach the next generation.
  • Not taking training or guidance.

Finally, social media offers a new dimension for sourcing talent in recruitment but it is not the only one.  There is no need to change strategy just because social media seems to be the new hiring trend.



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