The possibility of a new recruiting world.


Visualize a world in which there is a new way of recruiting people into your organization. The new-age social recruiter of tomorrow will not only know how to work efficiently with new technology – but will be an expert at integrating the offline and online recruitment worlds during higher thinking practices.

It all begins with changing the mind-set of a recruiter. Think of employment as being like any other human relationship. It impacts your life in a big way and your experience and perception of the life that you live. Work often defines the very essence of a person’s life after their loved ones and close friends. Until the last century, majority of people worked for a person or organization who dictated everything from their dress, to work hours to job responsibilities. With the advent of newer technologies, the very fibre of workplace flow has been loosened – but not weakened. With more flexibility comes more creative thinking and recent studies have proven that millennial are not at all the lazy bunch the older generations believe them to be. A recent U. S. Study indicated that millennial are actually more productive workaholics than their parents’ generation.

While this may come as a surprise, it really shouldn’t! Slowly but surely, the line separating work from social life and personal life is dissolving. Unlike the older generations, millennial also don’t want to be typecast in a certain job.  They say – “If I am doing a certain job today – I want the freedom to go back and learn new skills, to reinvent myself in a different profession if I so choose!”

The recruiter of the new age needs to help co-create this flexible reality from the barren ‘office mentality’ landscape of yesterday. The recruiter needs to understand and implement a whole new type of flexible mentality in order to catch the highly skilled but highly evasive millennial workers!

One thing is for certain, a new world of recruitment is coming. The knowledge and skills you are getting in this book will merely help recruiters accelerate this process. If you are able to utilize the tools and information laid out in this book properly, you could be lighting the spark that triggers an industry shift towards this entire new recruitment paradigm.



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