Do employers require employee engagement in social media?


Employees who are fully engaged in a workplace tend to work harder, deliver strong results, and have a high level of satisfaction and pride in their employer. When it comes to social media, these employees can be more powerful, effective assets in strengthening and expanding a corporate social media strategy.

Engaged employees are more likely to become brand ambassadors and employee advocates on their personal social media platforms. This, in turn, helps works to generate new leads and new customers, as well as enhance how the public perceives and interfaces with the company.

Here are the essential building blocks that your business should implement to enhance employee engagement:-

  • Align employee performance goals to your corporate goals.
  • Make sure your company introduce and reflects its values.
  • Get employees more involved in higher-level decisions.
  • Cultivate thought leadership.


Steps that transformed employee engagement into social strategy:-

  • Develop a persona.
  • Create social media data storage.
  • Resources and encouragement in employee’s rules and regulation.
  • Empower employees to be themselves.
  • Explore your work culture as well as your product.
  • Maintain a consistent voice.
  • Share social media stats so team members can see their impact.


Benefits of employee engagement:-

  • Amplified reach
  • Increased credibility
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Employee engagement
  • Relationship building


3 Apps to Increase Employee Engagement on Social Media:-

  • Drump up
  • Dynamic signal
  • LinkedIn Elevate


Ways to use social media to drive employee engagement:-

  1. Reach your audience through their preferred channels:-
  • Understanding the way your workforce prefers to receive communications is critical.
  • While it is easy to connect with email updates, audience tend to communicate through instant messaging apps, micro blogs and videos, as opposed to standard emails.
  • Using these channels and formats in your internal communication plan is key to effectively engage them.
  1. Understand your existing capabilities :-
  • Enterprise tools such as SAP, Oracle and Outlook are routinely updated with new features that make social networking and collaboration easier for your workforce.
  • Whichever tool your business uses, knowing its full capabilities can provide an additional and at times untapped resource for engaging your internal audiences.
  • You may already have an ideal social communication platform without knowing it.
  1. Identify your connectors :-
  • There are certain members of your workforce fully engaged across social media, but you might not be aware of it.
  • Using LinkedIn and other platforms can help identify your connectors – the most active employees using social media.
  • Connectors are users that are sharing content and creating genuine conversation.
  • Once identified, you can look to incentivize them to share content both internally and externally – and encouraging others to do the same.
  1. Build standout campaigns :-
  • Platforms like Pinterest create the perfect vehicle for visual, innovative internal communications.
  • By also factoring in gaming elements or competitions, users can be engaged on a deeper level.
  • Consider running social campaigns alongside your usual messaging tactics to create a new, stand-out experience.
  1. Proactively micro-blog :-
  • By combining a little strategic thinking with the capabilities of micro-blogging tools like Twitter or Yammer, you can get your critical business messages out to your workforce in a way that will be noticed.
  • Real-time status updates not only provide instant information, but also create an area for collaboration and a richer conversation.
  • Rather than reverting to long multi-themed emails, approach can be much more effective in terms of producing engagement and action.
  1. Idea sprint :-
  • “Idea sprinting” is a technique used to unearth inventive ideas from across the organization, empowering an entire workforce to collaborate in strategic thinking.
  • It works by creating a virtual event – designed to offer a voice to the entire workforce.
  1. Listen:-
  • By using social media and other collaborative technologies to listen to your employees, you can quickly gain insight into the expectations and needs of your workforce, and assess if and when there’s a need for action.

So by building blocks of employee engagement you can take your companies or organization to the next level.



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