How to hire star talent through social media?

How to hire star talent through social media

As a growing company, we always have human resource needs that come up. What might surprise that we used Facebook and Twitter! What are the steps to hiring star talent using Facebook and Twitter?

Ways to recruit star talent through social media:-

  1. Get the word out about your company culture :-
  • Why should a job seeker pick your business over the competition? What makes your business unique?
  • Workplace culture is key to recruiting and retaining top talent.
  • ” Encourage your employees to share images of day-to-day workplace life.
  • Use hastag to solidify the company culture.


  1. Appealing Website & Career Page:-
  • Job candidates will judge your company based on the quality of your website.
  • Visual appeal plus design and easy navigation influence a job candidate’s first impression.
  • Your website and especially, company career page, must be mobile-friendly.
  • If your site and career page cannot be accessed through a mobile device, the impression is that your firm is out of touch with the latest technology and trends.


  1. Good Industry Reputation:-
  • Many organizations consider a good name and reputation one of their most important assets.
  • Not only does it increase corporate worth and provide an edge in a competitive market, but it also attracts top talent.
  • Winners want to work for companies that are recognized as “employers of choice.”


  1. Favorable Social Media Presence:-
  • Social media offer a good way to engage passive candidates.
  • It’s most important to monitor your social media sites and make sure anything posted is in line with your company values and mission statement.


  1. Interaction with Company Personnel:-
  • Your front-line employees will be the first to interact with job candidates as they walk through your front door. Pleasantries and greetings matter.
  • How your candidates are first treated will be important in their decision to work for your company.
  • During the interview itself, put job candidates at ease by being hospitable, open with information, and ensuring that the position you describe is an accurate reflection of the job.


  1. Streamlined Hiring Process: –
  • Provide a better candidate experience by removing any unnecessary steps in your hiring process.
  • More candidates are lost due to lag time between interviews.
  • A streamlined and shortened hiring process gives you better odds of acquiring the talent you want the most.


  1. Smooth On-Boarding Process:-
  • If you make an offer and it’s accepted, helping your new hire make a smooth transition from their previous employer to your firm is vital.
  • It can help them reaffirm that they made the right decision in joining your company.
  • Proper on-boarding not only includes a warm welcome but the tools and resources necessary to be an immediate contributor.

Building a positive candidate experience will set your company apart from others. You’ll be known as an outstanding organization where people want to work.



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