Tips to successfully integrate social media into recruitment

Tips to successfully integrate social media into recruitment

In a world surrounded by smartphones and social media, attracting and recruiting talent is constantly changing. Companies realize that merely posting an opening on leading job sites won’t cut it anymore. They need to turn to their employees, who are credible voices for the employer brand to develop and maintain a strong social media presence.

The growing popularity of outlets like Facebook and Twitter makes social media a popular choice for recruiting today’s top talent.

Each outlet offers unique features and functions that can be used in exciting ways to grab the attention of job seekers.

Here are some social media tips for each outlet and how employees can lend a hand in the talent search:-

  1. LinkedIn:-
  • The design and functionality of LinkedIn make it a top choice for hiring professionals.
  • It is a great tool to incorporate into a robust employee referral program.
  • When employees refer someone or when hiring managers find strong candidates, reach out directly through In Mail.
  • Direct engagement is more meaningful and a great way to express an interest in qualified candidates who would fit well in the company.
  • Train employees and hiring professionals to search the platform for good fits by using keywords and phrases that match what the position needs.
  • The more connections made, the bigger the talent pool.
  • Encourage current staff members to join groups and raise brand awareness to attract top talent.
  • Make the most out of the company page by optimizing it with keywords that candidates use during their search.
  1. Facebook:-
  • Being the largest social media network, Facebook offers a lot of potential.
  • To stay competitive and stand out from other content, establish a strict schedule that posts regularly to the company page.
  • Share company and industry news and updates, post home blogs, announce upcoming events and inform followers about new career opportunities.
  • Encourage employees to share company content on their personal pages to spread brand awareness and direct their friends to the company’s career page.
  1. Twitter :-
  • To make a tweet go a long way, companies need an audience. In the world of Twitter, that comes in the form of followers.
  • Building a large following leads to more interest and more effective recruiting efforts, which is why it is the most important thing to do first?
  • Use search capabilities to locate qualified candidates who match the role and company and start to follow them.
  • It’s important to show the human side of the company on social media.
  • With so many spammers, job seekers are quick to stop following companies and lose interest.
  • Don’t just post jobs or content from the company.

     Tips to efficiently leverage social media for recruitment:-

  • Have a clear understanding of the requirement.
  • Understanding the context.
  • Consider the candidates’ social media footprint.
  • Easing into the social media conversation.
  • Default to the Golden Rule.

So, all the above tips successfully integrate social media into recruitment.



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