New horizons for social recruitment


Have you ever wondered why social media is becoming so transformation in today’s recruitment arena?

Today, recruiters’ tentacles are far reaching as they can recruit candidates using social platforms by advertising their open positions or searching talented people on social profiles, websites,applications  blogs and other portals. Traditional methods of recruitment don’t work anymore because of several reasons.

One of these reasons is that even though there are growing rates of unemployment and even though more and more people in the world today have access to high-quality education, it is still difficult to find a candidate with the right qualities and mindset to fill a particular position.

If you have any recruitment experience you will be able to relate to this experience: Remember how you would spend hours sifting through and reviewing potential resumes only to find out that it was all a waste of time when you interviewed that person in reality?

Social media eliminates this wasteful use of time by compressing and intensifying the recruitment process. Even though easily accessible, social media research on possible recruitment candidates – if done properly – has the potential to provide more in-depth information instead of a shallow one-dimensional acquaintance that you would get by reading just the candidates’ resume.

The proof of social recruitment’s effectiveness is evident when you look at the number of  big and small companies have starting to realize and utilize the game-changing power of social recruitment.

Let me give you an example:

In 2011, Deloitte had approximately 4600 people and wanted to hire another 1,000. However, at that time in Holland, only about 10% of the population was actively seeking jobs. So what did they do?

They build a new, innovative career website – just for the hiring process – and used cutting edge social integration and content distribution tactics to drive visitors to that website. Then they sat back and watched the results closely using google analytics. What do you think they found?

There was a whopping 234% scaling up of traffic from social media alone! What this meant for Deloitte was that they didn’t have to drop big money on recruitment or pay a lot of fancy agencies to hire the ambitious targeted number of talent for their organization. Talk about win-win!

If all of this sounds just wonderful, here’s a word of caution:

Online platforms will only take you so far in the field of recruitment if recruiters are not able to put the ‘social’ back into social media. What exactly do we mean by putting the social back into social media?

Although social media is one of the hottest topics today in the recruitment industry, many recruiters have lost touch with the ability to make natural connections. Although a ballooning global force for bringing people together, social media has become a minefield of poor social connections, lack of courtesy and inability to make authentic, lasting connections. So while it offers huge gains in terms of effectiveness and cost-cutting, social media can just as easily blow up in a recruiter’s face if not handled properly.

In order to handle social media interactions with candidates properly, a recruiter will need to have a deep understanding of the psychology of social hiring.





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