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How Data Is Being used to boost social media Recruitment and Retention?


Social media is one of the most effective ways of collecting information about current and potential clients. Companies have free public access to information that is uncensored, and customers want to be heard through the channels they enjoy using most.

Here are the ways companies or organizations can use data from social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, etc. to gain new customers and increase retention of current consumers:-

  1. Why are customers thinking about leaving?
  • When customers perceive a better value and work culture somewhere else, they’re more likely to leave your company.
  • Social media provides a place where you can gather information directly from your current customers on why they are considering leaving.
  • You have a direct ways into finding out where there may be problems in your service or whether your rates are too high.


  1. Why are they interested in your competitors?
  • After you’ve have done research on why a customer may want to leave your service, go a step further and find out who they’re going to.
  • This is what it is leading them to switch to the competition?
  • Perhaps the competitor offers faster service, a lower price or a quicker response time to service requests.
  • Use this data to capitalize on improving current practices.
  • Your company should look at all the competitors in your space, but it is especially important for you to look at the specific company that is attracting your current customer base.
  • Look at why your customers are leaving you behind for the competitor.


  1. Engage with those who are considering leaving your company:-
  • Social media offers a way for companies to communicate directly with a customer who may have had an unsatisfactory experience and attempt to right the situation.
  • By getting the information you have found through social media data, you have the opportunity to engage in real-time with customers to find out what they want, what they need and what they’re expecting from the services you are providing.


Benefits of Using Data In Recruitment:-

  • In social media ,so many elements of a recruiter’s life are made more frustrating through a lack of data and insights – but all that is about to change.
  • The right data can help manage the expectations of hiring managers.
  • Retention data can highlight the elements of your offer where the recruitment team are consistently overselling to candidates.
  • When it comes to which criteria to include in a job listing to produce the best quality of hire, data can give you the answer.
  • With the right data points you can find out which skills, values and behaviours lead to a hire that is likely to be a success in the organisation and remain in their position long term.
  • Most companies know the candidate volumes they are getting from each source.
  • Most know the shortlist candidates and even hires that each is producing. But we need more data than this to make informed decisions.
  • If data gave you these insights, you can imagine how your choices of where to invest might be impacted.


The Future of Recruitment Lies In Big Data:-

  • Vacancy marketing
  • Employer branding
  • Filtering of prospective candidates
  • Planning interview questions
  • Talent development
  • Who to retain and promote


Innovative Techniques to Improve employee Retention:-

  • To understand who is being retained and learn from it to develop retention techniques.
  • Respond to every communication and mention to cover every ways of engagement.
  • Fill up your content marketing to improve customer retention.
  • Get on the phone or Skype to understand what your customer wants.
  • Make going the extra mile for your customers a mentality.


Reasons why social media- savvy employees makes better colleagues:-

  • Diverse Social Networks Boost Innovation.
  • Multiple Social Networks Lead to Greater Productivity.
  • In-Office Networks Save Time and Improve Collaboration.


Ways to use social media to boost customer loyalty:-

  • Using social as a customer service channel.
  • Create a social media community.
  • Invest in a dedicated social team.
  • Keep it authentic, consistent and targeted.


Here are the ways Data Is Being used to boost social media Recruitment and Retention.



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