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Impact of Social Media in Recruitment Process


Human Resource and Talent Acquisition forms the most essential part of an organization’s function. While organization use sourcing avenues like Employee Referral, Job Portals, Recruiting Agencies to find suitable Talent, the latest trend is hiring through social media. The current trends in digital recruitment marketing to build up the idea that candidates have to be on major social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

There is really high competition for finding your company or you as a candidate on major social media networks as everyone else is there. Especially for tech-savvy or specific roles in your industry, going to specific networks is a better plan. As far as Indian situation is concern, there are multiple views presented by experts about which particular platform is actually leading the way but one thing is for sure, “Social Media Recruitment” has actually taken off and Indians have accepted this with open hearts. What favors the use of social media in Indian context is the personalization factor which is the crux of communication through social media channels.

The Benefits of Using Social Media in Hiring:-

  1. Candidate Quality: –
  • Those who frequently use social networks may be the highly desirable or early adopters”.
  • This source may identify higher-quality candidates (including those who are more technically savvy and innovative).
  • The simple act of listing the primary source on the top corner of every resume will, over time, educate hiring managers and eventually lead them to shift their recruiting efforts toward sources that appear most frequently on their short list.
  1. Hidden Candidates :–
  • The perfect candidates for your position may not be actively looking for a new job.
  • Networking through social media can help to identify qualified candidates who cannot be found or successfully messaged using other sources.
  1. Candidate Diversity :–
  • Social media may assist in identifying a higher percentage of qualified diverse candidates in managerial and professional jobs.
  1. Cost per hire:-
  • The recruiting-related transactional costs can be significantly lower compared to other sources.
  1. Employer Brand :–
  • Social media sites increase your visibility as an employer and significantly improve your leading employer brand image among targeted prospects.


Affects of social media recruiting:-

  • LinkedIn, Facebook Lead Social Recruiting Landscape.
  • Watch What You Post to the Web.
  • Mobile Job Sites Still Need Work.
  • Hiring Is Getting More Competitive.
  • Company Culture Is Key.
  • Different Social Sites Used for Different Purposes.
  • Social Presence.


Impact of social media on HR Industry:-

  • Social Media Makes Recruiting Easier and More Successful.
  • Social Media Helps Company Branding.
  • Monitor Employees Activities.
  • Communication with Employees.


Key Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media Recruiting:-

  • Not creating a clear social media recruitment strategy.
  • Not defining your targeted audience before posting.
  • Not taking the time to build a relationship.
  • Failing to create an attractive social presence for your company.
  • Not posting relevant content.
  • Not utilizing social media to reach the next generation.
  • Not taking training or guidance.


So by this  we can improve social recruiting.



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