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Ways to embrace social recruiting


Has your business fully embraced social recruiting? Is it now a key element in your talent attraction strategy? Now you can explore various ways and means to embrace social recruiting.

Social recruiting is fast gaining popularity. Its popularity is undoubtedly driven by the millions of existent candidates profiles on social platforms. LinkedIn alone has over 430 million profiles and around half the world’s population is on Facebook and Twitter and that is even prior to looking at these platform’s younger counterparts; Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine.


Ways to Attract hiring Using Social Recruiting:-

  1. Boost your recruiting brand and attract hires using social media:-
  • There are two powerful reasons you have a strong recruiting or employer brand presence on social media.
  • The first reason is that this boosts the returns you get from every other recruiting activity you undertake.
  • Whether it’s being receptive to your calls, responding to your job listings, or replying to your LinkedIn in Mails, the more candidates have seen and interacted with your recruiting brand the more likely they are to respond.
  • They are a ready-made audience of potential candidates that can be enticed to submit their resumes in the future – and a network of people who believe in the business.


  1. Engage with influencers to multiply the reach of your social recruiting messages:-
  • The core idea here is that there are already lots of people and organizations out there who have built engaged followings of types of candidates your business would like to recruit.
  • As a recruiting team, you want to build relationships with these influencers to quickly see the reach of your recruiting brand.


  1. Use carefully targeted social media adverts to reach your ideal candidates:-
  • Those who don’t know better incessantly pump out job listings across their Twitter streams, Facebook pages and LinkedIn accounts.
  • More experienced recruiters realize that social media provides a means of defining the exact candidate audience (passive and active) that your recruiting team wants to reach – and then paying to advertise to that specific audience – be that advertising your company or a specific job vacancy.


  1. Adapt to the realities of mobile recruiting:-
  • Keep in mind for the moment that most users access their social accounts from a mobile device.
  • Logically it follows that attempts to generate candidate applications via social media can only ever fulfil their potential if the steps that candidates have to follow in order to apply have been mobile optimized.


  1. Make Social Sourcing part of your Social Recruiting strategy:-
  • The principle is that Given that today there are vast “resume databases” available to anyone who wants to start working as a recruiter.
  • The barriers to sourcing candidates have been significantly reduced.
  • This has particularly empowered in-house recruitment team to find and approach candidates directly, but has also massively reduced the barriers to entry for someone leaving a recruitment business to go and set up their own competitor.


Benefits of social recruiting:-

  • Social Recruiting is Cheap.
  • Social media helps your organization create an online community of potential candidates and employees.
  • Passive Candidates
  • Better Quality Hires.
  • Time-Saving
  • You’re Organizations Perception.


Tips and strategies for social recruiting:-

  • Personalize your Approach
  • Build on Your Content
  • Utilize your Time
  • Showcase your Organization’s Value
  • Be Authentic
  • Get Familiar with #Hashtags (Twitter)


Reasons Why Your Organization Should Embrace Social Media:-

  • Use Social Media to Launch a Talent Identification Strategy.
  • Embrace Social Media and Listen to Your Employees.
  • Create Videos to Recruit and Educate Your Employees.
  • Use social media for learning and development.


Hence through many ways and means we can embrace and enhance social recruiting.



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