Role of social media strategy in employee branding


An essential part of the candidate attraction process is ensuring a positive brand experience when potential employees research you online. As much as you’re using various social media sites to screen candidates pre-interview.

 Various steps of Positive employer branding through social media:-

  1. Commit to an online presence:-
  • Visibility and interaction online is essential to attract top talent to your organisation.
  • People want to work for an organisation they’ve heard of and a name they trust.
  • When information about your company and industry is readily available online, promoting your brand across digital channels is essential to engage with existing and future employees.


  1. Are you a good company to work for?
  • To build an online employer brand strategy, it is important to understand how the industry perceives you as an employer.
  • Current and previous employees are your greatest brand ambassadors.
  • If they’re not saying good things about you online, it’s important to find out why. Conducting employee satisfaction surveys and monitoring reviews of your organisation online is just a couple of ways to better understand the perception your employees about the company.


  1. Define your culture and goals:-
  • What differentiates you from your competitors and keeps your employees engaged?
  • The answer is it may be your environment of continual improvement with invaluable training opportunities,
  • Once you have a broad understanding of your company culture and goals, you will be better prepared to move forward with recruiting talented individuals to join your team.


  1. Examine the tools available:-
  • There are numerous social media channels that can be used for branding, but it is not practical or necessary to utilise all of them.
  • Examine the tools available with your message and audience to decide on a social media strategy that plays to the strength of your brand.
  • To increase engagement with this post encourages your staff to comment on their experience working for the company.
  • Other resources that potential employees turn to when checking you out include LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, Blogs and Your careers website
  • If you’re looking to appeal to a niche group of candidates, there are several geographic, industry and skills-specific social networks to consider getting involved with.



  1. Consistent messaging:-
  • The branding used to engage with graduates will differ to that at director level so ensure you select the appropriate channel for connecting with each audience.
  • Segment your audience and speak to them as groups, rather than a whole, as specific information may be irrelevant to the majority.
  • Make sure you understand the social media channel you’ve chosen on a practical basis.
  • However, as it is important to deliver consistent branding, be sure to ensure the tone of messaging remains the same across all social media channels.



  1. Dealing with negativity:-
  • By encouraging engagement, the feedback received online won’t all be positive.
  • Acknowledge negative opinions in the forum and outline the steps you will take to rectify the issue. The only negative feedback it’s advisable to delete, is out-and-out spam.


  1. Measure your success:-
  • The benefits of a consistent approach to branding on social media won’t be seen overnight, but implement a tracking process from the outset so that you can measure the success of your strategy.
  • Google Analytics is a useful tool for online tracking, and qualitative feedback can be taken at interview stage.
  • Although crucial for candidate attraction, ensuring positive employer branding also plays a big part in the engagement and on-going retention of your top talent.
  • Candidates who turn into employees have done so, in part, because of their positive experience of your brand.
  • Employer branding through social media isn’t just delivering a message, it’s a conversation between you, your employees and the wider market.


To be successful on social media, you need various strategies for your employer branding:-

  1. Identify Your Ideal Employee.
  2. Know Each Platform.
  3. Develop Strategies for Each Platform.


Ways To Use Social Media To Boost Your Employer Brand:-

  1. Create and promote a video showing life at your business.
  2. Use Instagram to take the inside of your business outside.
  3. Start a company blog.
  4. Educate your employees to be online advocates.
  5. Get yourself a LinkedIn Careers Page.


The Importance of Employer Branding in Recruiting:-

  • Employer branding is at the crux of any great recruiting strategy.
  • As social media outlets become common place destinations for both consumers and employers alike so it’s important to maintain control of your brand and position your company effectively in front of potential job candidates.
  • When creating an employer brand strategy for recruiting, there are many mediums at your disposal to choose from.
  • Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, along with more common place advertising tools like online job postings, enable employers to push out their message to targeted and engaged audiences.


So at the end  in all ways and direction social media is important for employee branding.



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