Ways of using social media for talent acquisition


Social media is the second most utilized platform for talent acquisition. Social media has changed the process traditional communication methods to redefine how people and businesses interact with each other.

Here are the 5 ways social media is revolutionizing the talent acquisition:-

  1. Its Personal:-
  • Hiring has always played an important role which helps in forming through social media between candidates and employers are even more assertive.
  • While candidates can reach out to key recruiters, companies form entire networks or talent communities to connect and engage with candidates. Social media is a tool that caters to sharing interests and engaging in conversation, making it easier to find a suitable candidate early on.


  1. Its Transparent:-
  • Social media users helps to be self-aware of their brand because of how visible their activity and interests can be.
  • Due to this, we must always anticipate some sort of reaction or feedback.
  • No longer are your strategies and tactics a secret from those outside the company — they are fair game for criticism, even by the candidates themselves.


  1. It’s No Longer Just For HR:-
  • Social media talent acquisition allows for entrepreneurs and CEOs alike to find candidates directly, quickly and with a reduced cost-per-hire that lack traditional HR personnel or funds for a recruiter.
  • However, social recruiting is not to be taken lightly; just because you can find candidates on Facebook doesn’t mean you should throw away the rule book.
  • It’s still a good way to find new perspective on what you may be doing wrong and how it can be better.


  1. It’s Marketing:-
  • A goal plan, a target audience, statistics and data are all required for effective social recruiting.
  • Through brand management, content creation and engagement, candidates and employers alike see the value of social interaction for talent acquisition.
  • It’s instantly measurable and targeted to something that older processes simply can’t match.


  1. It’s Being Shared:-
  • Employees on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are contributing to the efforts of recruiting through their own posts and tweets.
  • use of social referrals is one of the best sources of quality candidates.
  • Job seekers are finding ways to take advantage of social referrals by keeping in contact and engaging with key members of companies.


Steps to build strategy for talent acquisition through social media:-

  • Building your team.
  • Building your content
  • Finding your audience for searching talent.
  • Targeting your audience

Tips to build talent pipeline through social media marketing:-

  • Identify the Right Platform for Your Recruits.
  • Create Relevant and Engaging Content.
  • Build Your Talent Pipeline.
  • Reach Out to Recruits.

Social media doesn’t need to be the main center of your recruitment strategy, but it would be ill-advised to ignore the trend completely. These are ways and process of changing and advancing the ways we approach finding the best talent and taking it to a more personal, open and collaborative experience.



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