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What are the pitfalls with social media recruitment?


Let us also take a look at the pitfalls of using social media for recruitment in order to gain a comprehensive picture of the entire process:

  • A lot of experts criticize social recruiting because you’re just using the general public forum to source a job candidate.
  • Lack of technical and social media savvy among experienced recruiters of the baby boomer generation.
  • Lack of guidelines and industry norms in the field of social media recruitment as it is a relatively new field of work.
  • Presence of ethical grey areas that can lead to misunderstanding on both the candidate and recruiter’s side.
  • Not always a purposeful engagement you may or may not get some good results out of it.
  • Sometimes people can misrepresent their experience or skills.
  • Otherwise good candidates can be disregarded due to content on their social media profiles.
  • Let’s take a deeper look at that last problem in further detail:
    • In 2013, an organization named “On Device Research” surveyed a huge population sample of 17,000 young people in six countries. The results of the study indicated that nearly 1 in 10 youth between 16 and 34 get rejected from potential jobs because of comments they have made on social platforms!
    • In fact, a social recruiting survey by popular portal Jobvite the following year indicated that 93% of recruiters check candidates’ social media postings as part of the screening process.
    • As you can see, social profiling is real and very powerful. If used wisely and with discretion, it can be an efficient tool to weed out inappropriate hires. However, if used incorrectly, it can blow up in a candidate, recruiter or hiring organization’s face, so to speak!




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