The shape of future recruitment

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In the past decade,  there has been a lot of discussion around whether social media and online communication channels can really make a hiring impact. Are we simply putting recruitment content out there like machines or is there any actual engagement happening as a result of  social recruiting efforts? 


Granted,  social media recruitment can give recruiters access to a lot of people but in order to really reach out to people, recruiters and recruiting agencies need to build communities with engaged, highly communicative audiences.  Only in these engaged communities, can social connections be used as an effective referral and sharing tool for recruitment needs! 


In fact, Jobvite – the social sourcing system that tracks applicants said in its 2011 report that 80% of the 600 employers surveyed in their study used  social media for recruitment purposes on a regular basis. The bottom line is that more and more recruiters are realizing the potential of social media the massive potential that social media can bring to the world of recruitment. However, to create a truly valuable sourcing pool, recruiters of the next generation will have to use increasingly interactive, relationship-building approaches to hiring excellent talent. In the next chapter we will talk about the ‘social’ mindset that these new age recruiters will need to adapt in order to create such an interactive recruiting world. 



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