How do we know social media recruitment works?

Social Recruiters

As a social media recruiter juggles postings on social media, job portals, referrals, employee exchanges, recruiting tools and consulting vendors through his/her ability to recruit through use of social media, navigate all social media avenues, and knows how to maximize recruitment through those sources – the question remains – how do you really know if you are getting back more than you are putting in? 


Return on interest (ROI) is the only benchmark which can tell you if you are going I the right direction with social recruiting or not. However, this ROI is ever so tricky to measure because even though they may see the posting online, applicants don’t normally apply through these social media platforms. One tool that has been helpful in tracking effectiveness of recruitment online is the Social Recruitment Monitor by the Maximum Employment Marketing Group. The social recruitment monitor ranks the reach, engagement, and interactivity of employers’ social recruiting efforts around the world. However, like many aspects of social platforms today, the concrete ROI will be difficult to calculate as social media is still in its early years and rapidly evolving. As such, any online recruiting efforts should be done as a way to reach appropriate candidate audiences but without the expectation of instant, measurable returns.



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