How recruiters are benefitting from social media?


Below, you will find some of the surprising and not to surprising benefits of using social media and mobile technology for recruitment purposes.

  • A lot of these corporate recruitment tools are free or nominally charged
  • Often, social media is a a sure fire way to research the market and reach out to candidates outside of your usual networking circles.
  • It provides a way to reach out to skilled candidates who may not be actively looking for a job but are a good fit for the organization.
  • It allows you to leverage existing contacts in your social network such as former clients, co-workers, industry experts, entrepreneurs and even public figures and mine their friend lists for quality candidates.
  • Makes it easy to know a candidate’s qualifications before you even spend further time or money meeting or getting to know them
  • Helps weed out candidates that are not such a good fit for the job opening/company culture
  • Saves a lot of time sifting through piles and piles of resumes only to rule the candidate out as soon as you interview them.
  • Online and video interviews allow recruiters to gauge the viability of a candidate for a position even before spending any money on travel costs.
  • It makes social recommendations very easy. Say, you work for a company know that they are hiring a social media analyst. You tell your content developer friend friend about it by tagging them in a social media post. Your friend shares it on his/her profile and someone s/he used to work with sees your post and applies for the job. Voila! Recruitment made easy…
  • Social media helps recruiters create cheap and highly targeted advertisements to target specific professional audiences.

Since the beginning of time, recruitment has always hinged on a solid networking and marketing strategy. What social media does is that it provides an accelerated case of networking through technology and mobile means to allow for an exceptional recruitment experience.




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