Social media – A powerful medium for recruiters

Social media - A powerful medium for recruiters

Social media – A powerful medium for recruiters

In early 2007, a 12-year-old boy was recorded singing for a local competition in Stratford, Ontario. Over the next year, that video recording and numerous other R&B song covers by the same singer were posted on YouTube.

The musician’s popularity on the social media platform grew and eventually he was noticed by producer named Scooter Braun. That boy’s real name is Justin Bieber and he was catapulted into massive stardom the following year. 

Bieber’s success story demonstrates the raw power of social media recruitment. A young musician builds a profile or sorts on Youtube and is recruited in his chosen field of work as a result of it. 

Today, Bieber has 88.3 million followers on twitter,  and 24.5 million followers on Youtube. 


So what exactly is social media recruitment?

Any interactive web application that includes the use of user generated content such as comments blogs videos or any other online interaction in social communities is a part of the new social media revolution. Generally, people create a profile or page on a website  or application from which they then interact with other profiles or individuals or groups – creating an interactive platform we have some to know as social media.

The beauty of social media recruitment is that it can be done using mobile technology such as mobile phones, laptops or tablets. Imagine the massive potential of using such technology to mine quality human rescues from practically anywhere in the world! As a user, one can upload their expert content from anywhere in the world. However as a recruiter,  basically,  anyone anywhere in the world can share information on good talent quickly  with organizations, communities or individuals seeking skilled labor.


Game changer

Social media has become a huge game changer in the world of recruitment.  Websites and applications like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, XING, Branch Out have cropped up in the past few years and changed the world of online recruitment.

Any savvy working professional of today has profiles on one or more of these ‘recruitment’ or ‘networking’ based platforms. This means that all 24/7/365 recruiters will have access to these skilled professionals’ data. Keep in mind that this sort of global, pervasive access to skilled labor was not available to recruiters before the dawn of social media. 

So, a decade a go, a person who was otherwise a perfect fit for a particular job opening,  may still have slipped under a headhunter’s radar because of inaccessibility or remote geographic location. That is not the case today – we live in a very exciting time for HR recruiters!

 Can you imagine what a huge opportunity is for the recruiter to connect with a candidate living on the other side of the country or engaging via video call. They may be able to decide whether or not that candidate is a good fit for the hiring organization even before they have physically met the candidate in person. 

Think about the savings in terms of cost time and the gains in terms of accessing labor that mean literally not have been available a decade ago.




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